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Wushu at the great wall
Wushu at the great wall

We are proved to be a partner with Capital University of Physical Education and Sports to promote the understanding of Chinese language, culture, sports and art forms. We now extend our services to the international community and teachers at British School of Beijing, Western Academy of Beijing and International School of Beijing that will enjoy the benefits of this project.





This service entitles families with children enrolled at the given schools and employed staff (not substitute teachers) the chance to study the Chinese language or sports programs at a university level with a 40% discount on class fees/intuition fees, with the choice of short term or long term studies.

To ensure there will be a group there must be a minimum of 8 students/group. Please talk to your main office to enrol in the programs and/or give us an email and we’ll do everything we can to help you. OBS! Only official staff and families with children enrolled at these schools are entitled to this discount.


Chinese studies
Chinese studies


Registration fees 150 rmb/person (less then 4 weeks)

Registration fees 330 rmb/person (more then 4 weeks)

Meal fee at the school 20-50 rmb/person

Insurance one term 300 rmb/person

Insurance one year 600 rmb/person



Single room 120 rmb/day

Double room 60 rmb/day

Internet fee 10 rmb/month


LONG TERM STUDIES INTUITION FEES (you will enjoy 40% on these prices)

Bachelor degree 22 000 rmb/year (4 year program)

Masters degree 28 000 rmb/year (2 or 3 year program)

PhD degree 38 000 rmb/year (3 year program)


SHORT TERM STUDIES INTUTION FEES (you will enjoy 40% on these prices)

One week 1 200 rmb/person (20 classes)

Two weeks 1 600 rmb/person (40 classes)

Three weeks 2 200 rmb/person (60 classes)

Four weeks 2 800 rmb/person (80 classes)

More then five weeks 2 800 rmb/person (plus 500 rmb per added week)

One term 8 800 rmb/person

One year 17 000 rmb/person


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