SHARING IS CARING – Flips & Kicks Plus Charity Work

Flips & Kicks Plus: Elevating Sports with a Global Community Commitment
Welcome to Flips & Kicks Plus, where we transcend the conventional notion of a sports company. We are a beacon of compassion, dedicated to fostering profound connections within the global and local community, all while making a significant, positive impact on society.

Our Dedication

Throughout our journey, we have taken great pride in our unwavering support for charitable events and educational institutions, embodying our commitment to humanitarian causes. By contributing to fundraising initiatives, we aim to empower schools in China, uplift disabled individuals, and champion various charitable endeavors, collectively contributing to a more harmonious and just world.

Educational Empowerment

We wholeheartedly acknowledge the paramount importance of education. Flips & Kicks Plus has played a pivotal role in raising funds for educational institutions. Our dedication ensures that deserving students receive the opportunities they rightfully deserve, aligning with our vision of a more enlightened and equitable society.

Collaborative Endeavors

We have thoughtfully cultivated strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations and institutions that share our values and aspirations. Our sponsorship extend to institutions like the British School of Beijing, and we are honored to collaborate with the Chifan for Charity and several Chambers of Commerce. These partnerships significantly amplify our ability to effect positive change and exert influence on society on a broader scale.

Our Impact

In conclusion, Flips & Kicks Plus serves as a testament to the enduring power of sport to catalyze positive change. Our dedication to the community, unwavering support for causes, and commitment to moral values are fundamental to our identity. As we pursue excellence within the sports industry, we equally aspire to leave a lasting, positive imprint on the world and society.

Charity Gallery

Charities that we Partner with:

  • British ball
  • Chifan for charity
  • Australian chamber of commerce.
  • Canadian embassy
  • WAB charity events

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