Ready to unleash your football frenzy on the sandy shores? Get set to score goals, show off your skills, and have a blast at the hottest summer event in town! Brace yourself for a weekend of high-energy fun, sun-soaked sands, and unforgettable moments at the dazzling Olympic Park in Shunyi. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, there’s a place for everyone in this action-packed adventure!

Saturday – Grown-ups’ Beach Football Showdown
Calling all adults with an insatiable appetite for competition! Our Saturday showdown is a football fiesta like no other. Step onto our specially crafted Beach Football Field, where top-notch referees keep the excitement in check. It’s your time to shine – dazzle with your moves, strategize with your team, and chase victory like never before!
But hey, that’s not all! Not vibing with football? No worries! Dive into tantalizing Western and Chinese BBQ delights that’ll tantalize your taste buds. Quench your thirst with a chilled “one beer.” Take a breather from the game and hit the waves with water skiing, flaunt your Frisbee finesse, or relish a serene rowing experience.

Sunday – Kids’ Beach Football Extravaganza
The excitement doesn’t stop! Our weekend extravaganza continues with a heart-pounding kids’ football tournament on Sundays. Watch in awe as our young champs dribble, pass, and score their way to stardom! Teamwork, sportsmanship, and everlasting memories – it’s a day that’s bound to stay etched in their hearts.

What About Team Size?
Gather your squad of 5 players – including one goalkeeper and four outfield stars – to form your ultimate beach football team! Show off your teamwork and skills as you take on the competition in this action-packed game.

🚌 Seamless Transportation 🚌
Worried about transport? Don’t sweat it! Jump aboard our comfy transportation service departing from Lido (Starbucks) at 9:00 am. Let us whisk you away to the Olympic Park for an electrifying day of adventure. After basking in the sun, our return journey commences at 6:00 PM. And guess what? It’s just a pocket-friendly 200 RMB for a round-trip ticket! Psst! Round-trip requires a minimum of 6 adventurers 🚫 Round up your pals, family, and fellow football fanatics! With a minimum of 6 adventurers, our transport deal is a go. Gather your tribe and lock in your spot for the ultimate beach football escapade.

Secure Your Spot! Registration fee for the Tournament is 400 RMB/Person