Recreational Gymnastics: Flippin’ brilliant!

Posted on juli 7, 2012

Beginner course (3-4):

In this course we aim to provide a safe and fun learning environment in which children will gain the fundamental skills needed for gymnastics, and sport in general. Through the use of games, movements and shapes children will develop their balance, flexibility and coordination. These skills along with a disciplined class structure are a key part of a child’s development at this age.

 Developer course (5-6):

We will continue to improve on balance and strength. The incorporation of more apparatus work helps children to build functional strength and flexibility. Children will be required to be both focused and disciplined as we introduce more skill elements such as handstands, rolls and cartwheels.

 Intermediate course (7-8):

We will further continue to improve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. A more serious training approach is required to help further children’s skill development. Upper body strength and body tension are improved through bodyweight exercises allowing us to prep’ more advanced skills.

 Advanced course (9+ ):

At this level a bigger emphasis is placed on stretching and conditioning. Focus, discipline and an eagerness to learn all play a key role in the development of more advanced skills on all of the women’s apparatus.


Competitive Gymnastics Program:


We use the Australian National Levels Program system which is widely used in the ex-pat gymnastic community across Asia. At present we have gymnasts training skills and routines for levels 1 through 4 in preparation for both local and over-seas competitions.

Gymnasts attending the competitve program are expected to attend classes at least twice a week in order to able to give enough attention to detail to perform skills with proper gymnastic form.

Competition specific classes are being run at ISB on a Tuesday night and Shichahai Sport School on a Sunday afternoon.

Please email us to check availability


Please note:

-All ages for classes are given as guidelines and as coaches we hold the right to put up or hold back gymnasts according to their development.

-No jewellery is allowed and long hair should be tied back. Appropriate sports clothing should be worn (nothing too baggy/no jeans etc.)