Flips & Kicks Plus: Gymnastics



Flips & Kicks Plus is one of Beijing’s most profound and genuine companies supplying recreational gymnastics sports training towards kids. Our cooperation partners during the years includes International School of Beijing, Western Academy of Beijing, British School of Beijing and many more. Flips & Kicks Plus has over a decade of know-how and successful programs.

No matter what sport you do gymnastics is an amazing foundation. Joy for sports is a core value of Flips & Kicks Plus. Working with positive reinforcement and trying to see each students needs. Our programs are open for boys and girls.

Come and develop your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination in a fun and safe environment. Our classes are conducted in English by our qualified international and local staff.

Warmly welcome to join the FUN!

Gymnastics Gallery

Class Schedules

WAB (Western Academy of Beijing) – Mondays
18:00-19:00 4-6 yo
19:00-20:30 7+ yo

WAB (Western Academy of Beijing) – Thursdays
18:00-19:00 4-6 yo
19:00-20:30 7+ yo

WAB (Western Academy of Beijing) – Saturdays
15:00-16:00 3-4 yo
16:00-17:00 5-6 yo
17:00-18:30 7+ yo

WAB (Western Academy of Beijing)
Sunday 16 classes (27th of Aug to 17th of Dec)
09:00-09:55 3-4 yo, 2,800 RMB/block
10:00-10:55 5-6 yo, 2,800 RMB/block
11:00-12:25 7+ yo, 3,200 RMB/block

AudreyAnne Studio (GHL) – Sundays
Age 3-5: 16:00-16:55
Age 6-12: 17:00-18:00