Time to put on your shades, dress cool and enjoy a summer full of BEACH VOLLEYBALL. We supply among the best training (might be the only training) for beach volleyball in Beijing. Our coaches have experience from top level national and international competitions. Come and develop your skills
during our camps and take part in our weekend tournaments. Classes conduct in the spirit of Flips. May the best team win!!!

Location: Changping district

Group A 7-11 yo
Group B 12-15 V0
Group C 16-18 yo

Time: 09:00-14:30
Block 1: 19th of June to 23rd of June
Block 2: 26th of June to 30st of June
Block 3: 3rd of July to 7th of June
Block 4: 24th of July to 28th of July
Block 5: 31st of July to 4th of August
Block 6: 7th of August to 11th of August

  • Price: 4 500 RMB/block
  • Transportation: 500 RMB/block
  • Food: 250 RMB/block

Sign up before 1st of June and enjoy 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT

We’ll supply transportation to/from BSB SLT/ GERMAN EMBASSY SCHOOL/ LIDO/ WAB/ISB/ CAMP. Minimum of 5 campers or transportation will be canceled.

For all our camps
– No phones
– No games
– No toys
– No sugar (except Friday ice cream)

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For more information or registration kindly
contact us!
Warm Regards
Flips & Kicks Plus