Flips & Kicks Plus

Flips & Kicks Plus has been active on the Chinese market for over nine years within sports teaching and coaching.

During our time we have supplied top service to clients like:

  • Western Academy of Beijing
  • International School of Beijing
  • British School of Beijing
  • Daystar Academy
  • AnRic Little Montisori Room
  • Hope International School
  • Ganeinu Inernational School
  • Dulwich International School
  • Kerry Center

We specialize in providing Gymnastics and Martial Arts, Volleyball sports coaching for the International and local community of Beijing. We offer children the chance to improve their physical condition, co-ordination, concentration, self esteem and confidence in an environment that is stimulating, challenging, safe, and of course, FUN.

Our sports programs are taught in English by our qualified international and local staff